When buying records through mail order and paying with Paypal would you rather
Have the flat rate of the record be higher to accommodate Paypal fees?
i.e. the seller automatically adds a dollar markup to every record
B Have the exact amount of the Paypal fee charged and know that this is happening?
C Pay $3.77 in shipping for something that cost $2.75 to send?
I see this a lot with shipping, hope I am not the only one

Boy have I not been motivated to do this lately.

CATHARSIS - Samsara gatefold 2xLP
Crimethinc. Records, 1997

Good Life Recordings issued in Europe, 1997
-clear, limited

Good Life issued Samsara as a single lp with less songs than Crimethinc.’s double lp.  This was released in ‘97 by Crimethinc. but their issue on vinyl didn’t come out until 1999.
I figured I’d do this record as ‘Light From A Dead Star’, Catharsis’ 4xlp discography, copies are probably being assembled and packaged for shipping at this very moment.



Blind Lemon Jefferson “Black Horse Blues” / “Corinna Blues” 78RPM Single - Paramount Records, US (1926).

If I had money I’d do some real record collecting.


Blind Lemon Jefferson “Black Horse Blues” / “Corinna Blues” 78RPM Single - Paramount Records, US (1926).

If I had money I’d do some real record collecting.

RADIO BIRDMAN - Murder City Nights

RADIO BIRDMAN - Radios Appear lp
Trafalgar Records, 1977

-catalog #1001
-overseas catalog #1002
-repress 1978

Sire Records issued in UK, 1978
-catalog 9103-332

Sire Records issued in US, 1978
-catalog SRK 6050

Sire Record issued in Canada, 1978
-catalog 9147 6050

Philips Records issued in Netherlands, 1978
-catalog 6370 819

Philips Records issued in France, 1978
-catalog 9199 563

Big Time Records reissue, 1984*
-catalog BTB-906

WEA/Trafalgar over seas reissue, 1988
-catalog 255958.1 

WEA/Trafalgar reissue, 1989*
-catalog 255957-1 (pictured)

Trafalgar over seas reissue, 2000
-catalog 255958.1

4 Men With Beards Records overseas reissue, 2010
-catalog 4M527

Trafalgar overseas reissue, ????
-clear, catalog 255958.1

*The Big Time 1984 reissue and the WEA/Trafalgar 1989 reissue have the same number of tracks in the same order as the original Trafalgar 1977 release.  They are also the only pressings that use the original artwork.
I am not going to detail subsequent pressings because it obnoxious.  All reissues outside of Australia have a different cover, songs added, songs removed and just a mess.
I gotta note how there is some major homage to Detroit.  Check one off for the home team.


PAINTBOX - Singing, Shouting, Crying lp
HG Fact Records, 1999

Released by HG Fact on CD in Japan.

Ugly Pop Records issue on vinyl, 2001
-1,300 black
-300 white splatter

Prank Records reissue, 2008
-orange, mail order copies
-black (pictured)


UPSTAB - Stabbing The Church E.P. 7”
Fan Club, 2004


What this is is the Upstab demo more or less.  Some say the band bootlegged their own record.  The story I got from Wedge is somebody (I forget who exactly) came to an Upstab show with a box of these, put them on the stage, turned around and said “I don’t know anything about this.” and walked off.  Considering it’s Cleveland…  I mean really, no matter what, the truth is still gonna be stupid.  Gotta love ‘em.

SYSTEMATIC DEATH - Systemania Volume 2 2xlp
Partners In Crime Records, 2008

-150 clear red/black split, sold via mail order and chaos in tejas ‘08


GO IT ALONE - The Only Blood Between Us lp
Rivalry Records, 2005

-160 gray, pre-order
-210 black / gray/ white split, posi numbers
-562 clear
-78 clear, record release

-420 clear, roman numeral II on b side label, covers are lighter color than first press (pictured)
-100 clear, stamped labels “gia us tour”, hand #’rd
-200 clear, stamped labels, sold on euro tour, hand #’rd out of /300 even though there are only 200
-120 clear, blank labels, alternate cover*, sold on euro tour with allegiance

* The alternate cover photo was shot by a friend, Jason, at a Go It Alone show in Dearborn, Mi.  The show was in a space shared between Refuge Skateboard Shop and my old record store.  I don’t think neither Jason, myself or Refuge ever managed to get copies of this.  Shit. :/



EMBASSY - Eight Songs lp
Outer Universe Research Records, 1995


VERSE - Rebuild lp
Rival (Rivalry) Records, 2004

-190 black, stamped labels, hand #’rd, posi numbers press
-122 green marble, pre-order
-782 gold (pictured)
-41 gold, hand numbered, comes in from anger and rage lp gatefold cover, labels and inside of gatefold sleeve are stamped

-240 black, spray paint cover, euro tour, an unknown number have the “providence” cover
-69 black, california weekend cover

Prügelprinz Records reissue, 2012
-700 black
-143 grey marble, euro tour edition
-141 white


PHOBIA - Get Up And Kill 12”
Deep Six Records, 2004

-comes with poster



Torture Garden Picture Company Records, 2008

-80 white, screened covers, 100 pressed but 20 lost in the mail
-450 black (pictured)

-200 pink, these were pressed to replace records destroyed in a flood

Over a year and a half two artists flaked out on cover art, the pressing plant misplaced the plates, many copies were destroyed through two different floods and lastly the jackets mailed to another country and lost.